Herb, again I am undone! I'm fighting mightily against a depression that's taken hold of my heart -- 60 damned wounds???!!! I'm trying to process this bulls*t, but I can't. After all their marching after George Floyd, as you said -- they went right back to their privileged lives. {SMMFH}

This blush*t bill they voted on does not even stop their fearful cops from killing Black folk -- it doesn't even apply to them!! Qualified immunity is a bitch! I'm so damned tired.

And yet again today -- another white 18-20 year old, white boy killed six folk and injured dozens in Highland Park, IL. Not only can they not stop their cops from killing folk, they can't stop the random white boy from taking target practice on a parade! Happy Fourth of July!

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Deb C.

Deb C.

Former Navy Russian linguist, Realtor, Claims Adjuster, OpEd columnist/Features writer at a small, S. Florida newspaper. Since 2007, blogged at “Let’s Be Clear”