“Roger B. Taney” DeSantis, nothin’ but a fearful, rabid White Supremacist

The release of the AP African American Studies syllabus, no-holds-barred bears that out

Deb C.
2 min readJan 25


Not only am I really pissed off now about “Roger B. Taney” DeSantis banning this course on our history, I’m disappointed that parents in the state aren’t up in arms over this blatant act of White Supremacy (but that could be because he’s also busy banning the right to protest).

Quite frankly, after reading this, which includes the 79-page curriculum, first published by The Florida Standard and released today by NBC News, the entire country should be raising holy hell.

Please take the time to really read the syllabus, Family — and if you would, please share your thoughts in the comments. Here it is in its entirety: AP African American Studies Coursework and Exam Overview.

Let me just say, while I was fortunate enough to have had teachers of the “New Black” tradition (once I went to public school from the segregated Black Catholic school where I learned absolutely nothing about me), who exposed me to James Baldwin (my literary hero), James Weldon Johnson, bell hooks, Audre Lorde, Angela Davis (my personal shero), Langston Hughes, Ralph Ellison, Richard Wright, Zora Neale Hurston, August Wilson, Toni Morrison, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez and a host of other Black intellectual and talented luminaries — had I, as a high school student learned HALF of what’s presented in this course, I would’ve already had a full, enlightened and focused view of who I was. It took YEARS of soul-searching, studying and becoming to get to that damned point! YEARS!!!

While it’s wonderfully inclusive of our experience in these alleged United States of America and the diaspora, of particular note, are the tables spanning pages 67–69. Why? Because they make plain what white folk have always thought was most important to be taught in schools and colleges about us.

Here’s a column I wrote when I worked at my small, south Florida newspaper — 20 years ago! (you may need to click on it to read it better):

(Black History Mandate OpEd)

Give it up, Roger. We will not be silenced! Family, write the Florida Department of Education. Write the Florida newspapers, write to your Congress critters and voice your disdain at what “Roger B. Taney” DeSantis is doing. Better yet, vote his ass out come next election. It’s so damned important.



Deb C.

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